English Leather Draw Reins with Rope or Elastic Insert


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John Whitaker Draw Reins

With rope, or with elastic inserts and in black or oak brown.

The leatherwork of both is 5/8ths of an inch (16mm) wide.

John Whitaker Draw Reins are made from superb quality English leather with solid brass fittings which give these training reins an attractive appearance and great longevity. Very well made and beautifully finished, we were very impressed when we first saw the John Whitaker products – they are exceptional value for money.

The rope draw reins facilitate the easy running of the reins through the bit rings and look very neat also.

The elastic insert draw reins are a little more forgiving for the horse and with a horse that has an unsteady head carriage, helps to prevent the horse from jabbing its own mouth should it throw its head. Also recommended for use when working the horse over trotting poles – ridden and on the lunge – as the elastic will again absorb some of the shock should the horse trip or stumble.

Whether you love them or loathe them, draw reins can be very useful for riding a strong, naughty horse that uses its neck to escape the rider’s influence. Draw reins give the rider direct control of the horse’s neck and can exert strong leverage, so must be used with great care and regard for the horse’s comfort and wellbeing – both physical and mental – and hence are only recommended for educated riders with an established seat and balance.

Definitely the best quality leather draw reins we have seen anywhere at this price point, a very good buy.

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Weight .590 kg

Elastic, Rope


Black, Brown


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