Kavalkade Hydro Cool Bandage

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Kavalkade Hydro Cool Bandage

Size: Width: 10 cm Total length: 3.40 m

Material: elastic cotton, polyvinyl acetate, starch, bamboo

Color: black-light blue

Supplied singly

Kavalkade Hydro Cool bandages utilize cold therapy for the prevention and treatment of injury , by dissipating heat from tendons and joints.

Cold therapy is most effective during the first 48 hours of an injury or inflammation and if correctly used can help improve a range of muscle, joint and soft tissue injuries.

The use of cold therapy after a hard work out may help a horse recover faster and also help relieve discomfort caused by chronic conditions. Hydro Cool Bandages are perfect for both yards and shows, are easy and safe to use and require no pre-cooling or preparation.

Hydro Cool leg wraps can be left on the leg for extended periods of time as the fabric is designed to gradually get colder for the first 10 minutes, then remain cool for up to 2 hours . This technique uses evaporation to draw out heat rather than push cold in, which ensures no damage to the skin – unlike ice, gel packs and some sprays.

This product reduces inflammation and bruising, it is excellent for legs, knees and hocks. Can be used for humans, too.

Directions for use : To start the cooling process, simply submerge the “Hydro Cool” material in water (hold under running water or put in a bucket) and then bandage normally. The cooling process lasts for a few hours. After use, the bandage can be easily rolled up and used again as often as you like.

Essential cooling wraps for at home and competitions that are instantly beneficial, need no special equipment, only water. They are completely safe, quick and easy to use and can be reused countless times, highly recommended.

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