Kavalkade Rolled Leather Balance Strap with Buckles


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Kavalkade Rolled Leather Balance Strap

Colour: Black

Length: 13.75″ to 14″ (350 to 355mm)

This length will fit all adult English saddles, including extra wide fittings

Fastening: Stainless steel buckles

Competition legal for all disciplines.

An essential safety aid when riding young, boisterous and/or naughty horses, these smooth leather straps fasten to the D rings on the front of your saddle and whilst unobtrusive, they are perfectly placed for the rider to grab onto when things get a bit hairy. They are slim in the hand, so easily held along with the rein and are a great confidence-booster for anyone feeling a little insecure. An excellent training aid for riders on the lunge and/or working without stirrups to improve their seat – just hooking one finger into the balance strap enables you to pull your seat-bones deeper into the saddle and restore your balance and position.

Smooth, strong, rolled leather straps and very good quality – as you’d expect from Kavalkade.

Additional information

Weight .080 kg

Black, Brown


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