Nettex Summer Fly Cream DEET Formula 600ml


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Nettex Summer Fly Cream

D.E.E.T. Formula

Size: 600ml

Nettex Summer Fly Cream is a highly effective formulation ideal to protect sensitive areas from flies.

·         D.E.E.T based formulation.

·         Combined with Lanolin and Glycerine to keep skin soft and prevent from drying out.

·         Nettex Summer Fly Cream will seal the hair, condition and moisturise and form a barrier.

·         Easy application around sensitive areas such as eyes, nose, ears, muzzle, dock, sheath and teats.

·         Ideal for horses and ponies that do not like sprays.

Directions for use:

Apply with a soft cloth or sponge in early morning and again in the early evening if necessary, after heavy rainfall or if the horse has rolled excessively.
Do not apply during the heat of the midday sun when skin pores may be open from sweating as this may cause a reaction.
Suitable for use around eyes, nose, ears and dock, avoiding direct contact with the eyes and mucous membranes or broken skin.

Nettex Summer Fly Cream is safe to use on pregnant and lactating mares, avoiding application around the teats.

This is an amazing product that we recently started using ourselves with fantastic results. Our scenario is chestnut Warmbloods that have sensitive skin and react to absolutely everything we have ever tried on them. During March 2020, our horses were being eaten alive by very nasty biting flies so we tried this product in desperation. The results were amazing – no flies even landed on the treated areas and none of the horses came up in the usual huge, hot, swollen areas that we always get from topical fly repellents. Of course, all horses and locations are different so results can never be guaranteed, but we are astonished by this product and highly recommend it.

We have now tried the whole range of Nettex’s DEET based fly creams, sprays and wipes and have had the same results with every one of them – hence we now stock all of them.

This one needs reapplying daily but is much cheaper than the Nettex Summer Freedom Salve which is only applied weekly, so if you just want to see if it works for you, this is a good one to try. It’s a large tub at 600ml so will last some time.

N.B: We also stock the Nettex Fly Repellent Advanced Spray, Summer Freedom (Itch Stop) and wipes. All are giving the same results.


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