Smart Grooming Original Super Groomer


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Smart Grooming’s Super Groomer is a bit of a genius product with so many uses, but we love it best for mud-busting on clipped horses. It’s equally brilliant on unclipped areas but for dried-on mud that seems welded to bare skin, this is just brilliant. Perfect for getting caked mud off sensitive areas and can be used wet or dry.

An innovative but simple product that makes removing dried and caked-on mud and sweat really quick and easy. It is really brilliant to use on sensitive horses and is particularly good to use around the head and eyes where its flexibility follows the contours of the horse’s head and really lets you get into awkward areas.

The Super Groomer is also great to use when shampooing. Apply shampoo directly to the Smart Grooming Super Groomer and massage into a wet coat – this really gets into the skin and gives the coat a really thorough clean.

Also good to use as a clothes brush for removing pet hair from saddlecloths, furniture and car seats.

Altogether an all-round brilliant product which we wouldn’t be without.

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Weight .090 kg

Red with yellow strap