Sprenger Ultra-Fit Smooth ‘baby’ Spurs, 47415


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Sprenger Balkenhol Ultra Fit Baby Spurs 47415

Model number: 47415 000 55

Dressage legal under all rules

Unisex fitting with a smooth, rounded end, no rowel and a 15mm neck.

Very useful for training rider and/or horse in the use of spurs as these are very short and very forgiving. Also known as ‘baby’ spurs.

With Klaus Balkenhol slots that are designed to prevent your spurs dropping on your boots, prevent damage to your boots and spur straps, eliminates pressure and are far more comfortable to wear than spurs with conventional slots.

Easy to bend in or out to fit the size and shape of your boots; the Balkenhol spurs have a 100% guarantee against breakage.


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