Sprenger Dynamic RS WH Ultra Eggbutt Snaffle 40428


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Sprenger Dynamic RS WH Ultra Eggbutt Snaffle, model number: 40428

Dressage legal

Mouthpiece Diameter: 16mm

Ring Size: 65mm

Materials: Sensogan mouthpiece with stainless steel rings

Available in the following sizes: 4 3/4″, 5 1/8″, 5 1/2″, 6″.

Dynamic RS bits are characterised by an ergonomically shaped mouthpiece. They lie perfectly in the horse’s mouth resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew and to accept the bit more easily. In addition, the mouthpiece allows a rapid and balanced effect on the tongue and supports the contact to the corners of the mouth in a very effective way, keeping the horse on the bit. Due to the curved joints, the bit remains in the correct and central position on the tongue, doubly enhanced here in this eggbutt version. Dynamic RS bits encourage the confidence of the horse in the rider’s hands and are a good choice for horses that need to trust the bit and take the contact forwards.

The WH Ultra bits are highly recommended for horses that are unresponsive to the rein aids – whether caused by tension, inattentiveness or just ignoring the rider’s signals. The tongue is gently stimulated by the wheel in the centre of the lozenge, utilising its highly sensitive sense of touch in an incomparable way. The horse becomes more relaxed and stays focused on the tongue preventing it from being easily distracted and so more responsive to the rein aids. Horses that previously were a little dull to the rein aids can improve their response due to the fresh sensation of this unique mouthpiece.

The Dynamic RS WH Ultra combines the advantages of both the RS and WH in one unique design. With the anatomically shaped mouthpiece of the Dynamic RS providing ultimate comfort for the horse together with the relaxing effect of the WH Ultra lozenge horses soften and become more responsive to the aids. The end result is complete harmony.

A truly outstanding bit that provides superior contact and helps the horse to soften through its entire topline – one of our favourite Sprenger bits of all time and highly recommended.

Please feel free to message us with any questions or advice you may need; with 35 years experience of retailing Sprenger bits, we can usually help.

Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Bit Size

4 3/4" (120mm), 5 1/2" (140mm), 5 1/8" (130mm), 6" (150mm)

Metal Alloy



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