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Sprenger Flexcite Grip Stirrups

Size: 12cm (4 3/4 inch)

Colour: Silver/black

The Sprenger Flexcite Grip Stirrups are the latest generation of jointed safety stirrups – combining shock absorption, flexibility, high strength and a quick release system.

They are designed to sit in perfect balance to keep your leg in the correct position, while the flexible arms ensure that these stirrups provide shock-absorption and are extremely gentle to your ligaments and joints, thus helping to relieve tension.

The four-way joints in the arms allow movement in four directions at the same time, enabling safe release of your feet in the event of a fall. The extra wide tread gives excellent balance, whilst the stainless steel grip inlay gives secure grip even in bad weather conditions.

These stirrups have no sharp edges on the outside that could damage the saddle and are hermetically sealed to protect the stainless steel Sytem-4 joints from water.

Sprenger Flexcite Grip Stirrups are available in Silver/Black, in size 120mm (4 3/4in).

The smart and subtle colourway makes them highly suitable for all activities – from hacking down the lanes through to top level eventing, dressage and show jumping.

The stirrups are marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ for correct use.

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