Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Snaffle 16mm 40604


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Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Snaffle, model number: 40604

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Materials: Sensogan mouthpiece with Stainless Steel rings

Diameter: 16mm (medium thickness)

Ring size: 70mm (standard snaffle size)

Available in sizes: 5″ (125mm), 5 1/4″ (135mm), 5 3/4″ (145mm), 6 1/8″ (155mm).

All KK Ultra bits have an arrow on one end of the mouthpiece. The bit should be fitted with the arrow on the left-hand side of the horse’s head and facing forwards.

The KK Ultra snaffle is the most successful and popular bit used in sport horses worldwide. For riders that have not used Sprenger bits before and are wondering where to start, this model is probably the single most useful bit in Sprenger’s huge range. It is suitable for all horses, of all ages, and all riders. It gives a superb contact and feel with a willing acceptance and softness from the horse that is the hallmark of Sprenger bits.

Sprenger invest more time and money in research than any other bit manufacturer worldwide. In collaboration with the University of Hanover and with input and testing by the world’s top riders, they continuously strive to achieve the goal of producing bits that allow perfect communication between horse and rider. In the study of many thousands of horses’ mouths, Sprenger found that the horses’ tongue is so extremely sensitive that it magnifies perceptions in this area dramatically and that a horse’s mouth is much smaller and narrower than generally assumed. Based on this scientific information, Sprenger developed the KK Ultra bits with a short lozenge that is angled forward by 45 degrees, which creates the best possible effect in the horse’s mouth.

Sprenger further found that:

* the unique angle of 45 degrees is the only way to get a true contact to the tongue. The round lozenge rolls smoothly over the tongue and stimulates it in a gentle but effective way. Clearly defined aids can be given without squeezing the tongue.

* no pressure on the palate – the ergonomically designed mouthpiece is shaped like the horse’s tongue and therefore takes up less room in the mouth without interfering with the palate.

* gentle to mouth and tongue – the mouthpiece encourages a high level of responsiveness via an optimum contact resulting in relaxation and submissiveness.

KK Ultra bits create an incomparably sensitive and precise┬ácontact between horse and rider. The anatomically formed mouthpiece lies perfectly in the mouth and is very comfortable for the horse, enabling the rider to give softer aids, which in turn supports relaxation, suppleness and harmony. A huge improvement is usually seen when the horse’s bit is switched to a KK Ultra bit.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are always pleased to advise on bitting – with 35 years experience of retailing Sprenger bits, we can usually help.

Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Bit Size

5 1/4" (135mm), 5 3/4" (145mm), 5" (125mm), 6 1/8" (155mm)


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