Sprenger MAX-Control 3 Type Snaffle 40713


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Sprenger Max Control 3 Type Bit, model 40713

Not legal for dressage competition

Manufactured only in stainless steel

Mouthpiece diameter is 16mm, a medium thickness suitable for most horses

As you will have guessed from the name, there are three distinctive features to the 3-Type. Briefly, these are: the ends of the mouthpiece are flared to form eggbutt-like ends whilst still retaining the loose rings (the same construction as the KK Ultra 2 Type snaffle), giving it the qualities of both an eggbutt and a loose ring snaffle in one bit; plus the bit has slots in the rings to allow you to fasten the reins and cheekpieces at different positions according to the effect you wish to achieve. More on the latter further down the page.

The MAX-Control 3-Type is a double-jointed bit, with a lozenge centre which, at first glance, looks like any other double-jointed loose ring snaffle. However, the ingenious design of the bit enables it to lock at the joints and become rigid at certain angles. When the horse is working correctly, the bit lies comfortably in the mouth, but whenever the horse comes against the rider’s hand, or opposes the contact in any way, the more intensive rigid ‘locking’ effect comes into play. Because of this, in addition to their role as everyday bits, the MAX-Control models can rightly be regarded as training, or correctional bits. The training happens in the most ideal way, with the horse discovering for himself that to work correctly is comfortable and to oppose the rider is not. The horse very quickly learns how to release the locking effect by yielding to the contact and remaining soft in the hand. An enormous asset in the training of horses that run through the contact, are ridden in a snaffle but can be strong at times, or are big horses ridden by small lady riders.

This model is manufactured in the following sizes:

40713 125 56 = 5″

40713 135 56 = 5 1/4″

40713 145 56 = 5 3/4″

The ’56’ at the end of each reference number indicates that the bit is made entirely from stainless steel.

Regarding the sizes, because of the eggbutt style ends to the mouthpiece, horses that usually take size 5 1/2″ for instance in a loose ring snaffle, will need size 5 1/4″ in this model. Similarly, a horse that takes size 6″ in a loose ring will need size 5 3/4″, and so on. It is always necessary to go down in size by 1/4 of an inch when switching from a loose ring to an eggbutt bit of any type.

The 3-Type MAX-Control snaffle is a combined eggbutt and loose ring, giving the ‘play’ of a loose ring but with the flared ‘eggbutt’ ends to the mouthpiece preventing any pinching of the corners of the mouth and keeping the bit central in the mouth. All eggbutt bits also have a ‘supporting’ effect on the contact and can assist in keeping the horse ‘on the bit’. This aspect comprises the first ‘two types’ of the bit’s name.

The third aspect is the slots in the rings. These make the bit extremely versatile and useful, whilst at the same time making it illegal for dressage competitions. It is of course allowed for all other activities and is an excellent training bit.

We have added a diagram showing the four possible uses of the slots and numbered them figures 1 to 4. In figure 1, the bit is acting as a normal snaffle, with the bit’s action directed mainly to the corners of the horse’s mouth. This position anchors the rings in place slightly giving the effect of a D-ring or true eggbutt snaffle which supports the turning aids and is a mild position helpful for young horses that still find it difficult to turn. In figure 2, the cheekpiece is again attached to the top slot, but the reins are attached to the lower slot, so that the action of the reins causes a secondary action of downwards pressure on the poll, which is similar to a 3 ring snaffle but in a much milder form. Figure 3 shows the cheekpiece attached just behind the top slot so that it can slide back a little on the rings, whilst the reins are still attached to the bottom slot. This position applies gentle downwards pressure on the tongue and lower jaw in combination, useful for horses that need to lower and stretch the neck without poll pressure so that any inclination to come behind the vertical is not encouraged. Figure 4 shows the slots being used with rope gag attachments, the ropes passing through each slot and transforming the bit into a gag snaffle. In this position, care must be taken to fit the gag ropes so that they pass from the inside to the outside of the top slot and then from the outside to the inside of the bottom slot. This position enables the rider to exert powerful leverage and provides strong ‘brakes’. Please note that the gag ropes/cheeks are not included with the bit. There is also, of course, the option of not using the slots at all, in which case the bit is at its mildest, with only the ‘2 Type’ qualities of combined eggbutt and loose ring action in play.

Overall, a total of five different positions and a very useful bit to have in the tack-room, particularly so for riders with several horses that have different requirements, and also for riders with one horse that has different requirements depending on the circumstances and activity. For example: many horses need a different bit for flatwork, hacking out, showjumping, x-country and say, hunting. Potentially then, this one bit could do the job of five separate bits just by using it in the five possible positions. And no matter which position you use it in, the MAX-Control ‘locking’ feature of the mouthpiece is always there to encourage the horse to remain soft in the hand.

We also have the MAX-Control loose ring snaffle bit and the Full Cheek Snaffle (both dressage legal). Please click on the sub-category ‘Sprenger MAX-Control bits’ in our shop to view the different models.

Whilst we keep a huge range of Sprenger products, we are always happy to order anything you need; so if you don’t see what you want, please just get in touch and we will order any Sprenger item you would like.

Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Bit Size

5 1/4" (135mm), 5 3/4" (145mm), 5" (125mm)


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