Sprenger MAX-Control Loose Ring Snaffle 12mm 40722


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Sprenger Max-Control Loose Ring Snaffle, model 40722

Dressage legal

With a very slim mouthpiece diameter of 12mm.

This is a double-jointed bit, with a lozenge centre which, at first glance, looks like any other double-jointed loose ring snaffle. However, the ingenious design of the bit enables it to lock at the joints and become rigid at certain angles. When the horse is working correctly, the bit lies comfortably in the mouth, but whenever the horse comes against the rider’s hand, or opposes the contact in any way, the more intensive rigid ‘locking’ effect comes into play. Because of this, in addition to their role as everyday bits, the MAX-Control models can rightly be regarded as training, or correctional bits. The training happens in the most ideal way, with the horse discovering for himself that to work correctly is comfortable and to oppose the rider is not. The horse very quickly learns how to release the locking effect by yielding to the contact and remaining soft in the hand. An enormous asset in the training of horses that run through the contact, are ridden in a snaffle but can be strong at times, or are big horses ridden by small lady riders.

This model is manufactured in the following sizes: 40710 115 56 = 4 1/2″, 40710 125 56 = 5″ and 40710 135 56 = 5 1/4″.

The ’56’ at the end of each reference number indicates that the bit is made entirely from stainless steel.

We also have this bit in a 16mm thickness, plus the MAX Control Full Cheek Snaffle and the 3 Type bit, please click on the sub-category ‘Sprenger MAX-Control bits’ to view the different models. Whilst we keep a huge range of Sprenger products, we are always happy to order anything you need; so if you don’t see what you want, please just get in touch.

Additional information

Weight .350 kg
Bit Size

4 1/2" (115mm), 5 1/4" (135mm), 5" (125mm)


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