Sprenger Flex Control Loose Ring Snaffle 18mm 40530


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Sprenger Flex Control Loose Ring Snaffle, model number: 40530

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Materials: Sensogan mouthpiece with Stainless Steel rings

Mouthpiece diameter: 18mm (medium/large thickness)

Ring size: 70mm (standard snaffle size)

Available in the following sizes: 5″ (125mm), 5 1/4″ (135mm), 5 3/4″ (145mm).

This is a single jointed snaffle but the joint is completely covered by a soft and flexible rubber coating which is 6cm long, so encases the middle third of the mouthpiece and prevents the joint from touching tender spots in the horse’s mouth – particularly useful for sensitive and/or young horses.

Due to the length of the rubber covering, when the joint is flexed, it forms a rounded shape in the mouth rather than the usual ‘V’ shape of single jointed bits, which prevents any pinching of the sides of the tongue, makes it gentle on the mouth and helps to achieve optimal contact between horse and rider in a very gentle way.

The design of this bit is very simple; it will be a good choice for starting horses as the signals it gives are clear and easy to understand as well as being very gentle on the mouth. Young horses seem to particularly enjoy the taste of the Sensogan and rubber combination.

Many of our customers use the Sprenger Flex Control snaffle for in-hand showing of young horses and for starting their horses, particularly if the young horse needs something a fraction stronger than an unjointed mullen mouth whilst still preventing the bit from touching sensitive areas of the mouth. If your horse tries to take charge in a mullen mouth, this one could give you a little more control but still be very gentle for a sensitive mouth.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are always pleased to advise on bitting – with 35 years experience of retailing Sprenger bits, we can usually help.

Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Bit Size

5 1/4" (135mm), 5 3/4" (145mm), 5" (125mm)


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