Sprenger System 4 Metal Stirrup Treads 44242


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Sprenger Metal Treads for System-4 Stirrup Irons, model number 44242 120 56

With cheese-grater surface for ultimate grip.

Sprenger non-slip stainless steel treads that are made expressly to fit Sprenger’s System 4 stirrup irons but can also be used with any make of Fillis irons.

Manufactured in stainless steel with the best non-slip surface there is – bar none. They give unrivalled grip in the wet and are especially effective in muddy conditions, where the cheese-grater surface grips the soles of your boots like nothing else. A must-have if you need to get on your horse with muddy boots.

Sprenger only make these in one size, which is 12cm – equivalent to 4 3/4″, standard adult size.

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