Sprenger Ultra Fit Spurs Flat End 44mm 47440


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Sprenger Ultra Fit Spurs with no rowel and a flat end, model 47440 000 55

Length: 44mm

Unisex Fitting

Dressage Legal with the exception of Young Horse classes

This model has a neck length of 44mm and facilitates ease of use in situations where the distance between the rider’s leg and the horse’s side is longer than usual, as with a long-legged rider on a small barreled horse for instance. The longer neck of these spurs allows the rider to touch the horse with the spur without undue movement of his or her legs.

Without a rowel and with a flat end.

It is Unisex fitting, easy to bend in or out to fit the size and shape of your boots, and with a 100% guarantee against breakage.

The unique design of the Balkenhol range means that the spurs fit perfectly on your riding boots, eliminating pressure and movement so that the spur is always in the optimal position for correct use, and prevents damage to your boots. The special design of the spur strap slots means that the spurs do not drop down or pinch which prolongs the life of your straps.

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