VEREDUS Magnetik 4 HOUR Therapy Boots REAR




Veredus Magnetik 4 Hour Boots – REAR

New from the Veredus Magnetik Line products, an innovative static magnetic therapy boot that is effective in just four hours.

Sold in pairs.

Available in sizes Medium and Large.

As a guide to sizing, Medium is generally suitable for horses 15.2hh to 16.2hh and Large is suitable for horses 16.2hh and up.

Thanks to the New Veredus Magnetik Four Hours Boot, tired legs can be left feeling refreshed – in just four hours! Colder weather, age, an active career and previous injuries are all factors that can hinder our horses’ performance, but there’s no need to write them off just yet with the help of the Veredus Magnetik 4 Hour Boots!

A horse produces energy through the body cells using an electric voltage, but when cell production is compromised, signs of swelling, stiffness or even pain may become apparent. The Veredus Magnetik Four Hours Boots contain 40 magnets per pair and use magnetotherapy to reduce inflammation and pain in the lower leg, prevent overheating of the tendons and fetlock joint, stimulate blood circulation, accelerate toxin elimination, speed up the regeneration of cells and help to prepare muscles and tendons ready for work again.

With a built-in Aerox material and coated in Lycra, the boots ensure maximum comfort while allowing heat to evaporate so that your horse’s legs remain at a healthy temperature.

Whether your horse suffers from swollen legs after exercise, stiffness in the fetlock joints or has had an injury to a lower limb tendon or ligament, these boots will be of great benefit. By stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, tissue reconstruction is speeded up hence speeding up your horse’s recovery rate.

The Veredus Magnetik 4 Hour Boots stand out due to the 40 neodymium magnets (per pair) which develop a power of 2400 Gauss each, strategically positioned to be of maximum benefit to the flexor and extensor tendons, fetlock, pastern joints and bulbs of the heels.

A breakthrough for busy riders and yards with lots of horses to treat; these boots give a full ‘treatment’ session in only four hours, allowing them to be used on several horses per day (instead of having multiple pairs of boots) as well as through the night. They can also be used under travel boots, allowing you to begin immediate treatment after a competition, before you even arrive home, or use them en route to a show to arrive with a horse that is relaxed and has had some preparation for the effort before you even begin to warm up. During travel, magnets will also have a calming and soothing effect on the horse, which is beneficial for nervous travellers.

 The back of each fetlock area is covered with a protective shell to ensure the long-life of the boots.

What happens if I leave them on for longer than four hours?

The Four Hour boots have no adverse effects whatsoever if left on for extended periods. In fact, leaving the boots on overnight can be of benefit as night-time is when the body naturally increases the rate at which it heals.

We stock the entire range of Veredus Magnetic products, please visit our ‘Health and Wellbeing’ section.

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