Veredus Magnetik Hoof Boots Magnetic Therapy





Veredus Magnetik Hoof Boots

Sold in pairs

As with all static magnetic products, these boots may safely be left on for up to 24 hours at a time.

One Size

We find that the ‘One Size’ fits all horses (with adjustment of the Velcro fastening) but sadly, not ponies with small feet. It is possible to overlap the boots to make the circumference small enough but the boots will be too deep for little feet. When laid flat, the boots have a length of 16.5″ (42cm) and are 5″ (12.8cm) tall at the back and 4″ (10.2cm) tall at the front. 

Powerful therapeutic boots equipped with 10 neodymium magnets (per pair) which develop a power of 2400 Gauss each, evenly distributed all around the foot. Constructed from the material “Aerox”, coated and bordered in Lycra & with the addition of scuff guards for durability. The Aerox neoprene is very light at only a little over 100gms per boot & is extremely breathable, ensuring maximum comfort and eliminating overheating or sweating of the skin.

Reduces pain and swelling Stimulates blood circulation Accelerates the elimination of toxins Accelerates the regenerative processes Hand washable Non-invasive, drug-free approach

As with the Veredus Magnetic rug, the boots are made from the revolutionary material Aerox and are exceptionally light and breathable which is much more comfortable for the horse when being worn for long periods, especially in hot weather.

Ideal for use after hard work &/or competition – especially on firm going, for any condition involving bruising or other inflammation of the feet – including laminitis, to keep older horses comfortable, and for trauma/age-related issues such as sidebone and low ringbone. Particularly useful for horses confined to the stable for any reason as magnetic therapy increases vasodilation which is naturally poor in the hoof and exacerbated by inactivity. We find these very helpful for coffin joint issues, too.

As with all static magnetic products, these are totally safe to leave on overnight, which is an easy and convenient way to use them. They may be left on for 24 hours at a time for further benefit.

A top quality product made from superior materials to others on the market and a very good investment.


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Weight .250 kg

One Size


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